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11/20/2004 - Justin Brayton Healing Quickly and Looking Forwards


From: The Agents, Steve Aldaco

Justin Brayton is recovering quickly from the broken ankle injury, received at the first round of the National Arenacross series.

The doctor said his ankle is healing quickly and he should be able to get the cast of in a matter of weeks. This will allow him to get his mobility back and stretch out the stiff joints through physical therapy.

Still no timeline as to when he will be back on the bike, but he says he hopes it will be sooner than later. "I cannot wait to get back on the bike. I miss competing at the events and seeing the fans. I want to thank the MotoworldRacing.com / PPG / Suzuki Team for standing behind me, in particular Paul Lindsey," stated Justin. Rest assured, he will be back competing as soon as the ankle permits.

Look for Justin to be at the Rockford, Il. round of the Arenacross series, December 3-5, along with his teammate Tommy Hofmaster, as it is Tommy's home town race. Although neither will be racing, they are looking forward to seeing the fans.


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