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1/29/2008 - Mud Slows MDK KTM Lites Team Rider Justin Brayton at San Francisco


San Francisco, CA The weather forecast called for rain, and rain came. As the riders gathered their protective gear and tried to shield themselves from the showers, so did the fans at the nearly sold out San Francisco venue.
The crowd stood on their feet and pumped their fists in the air as the anthem was sung and the fireworks exploded marking the start of the fourth round of the highly anticipated Supercross Series. 


MDK KTM Lites Team riders Justin Brayton and Billy Laninovich received warm cheers from the crowd as they lined the gates first for Heat #1 of the Lites class. Brayton got a great jump and rounded the first turn in fourth, his teammate was not as fortunate and started second from the end needing to pass half the pack to qualify. Brayton rode a solid heat race managing to qualify easily into the main.


A quick break for track maintenance prior to the Supercross Lites and the action was back on. The board turned sideways and the Lites riders were off! Brayton tried desperately to pull to the front of the pack but got pushed back as he tried to shy away from riders that had fallen in the first turn. When Brayton came over the first rhythm section he was in 19th. He quickly picked off four riders on the first lap and moved into 15th. Another turn, and he passed for 14th charging closer to the top ten. As he was moving in on 13th he got cross-rutted and tipped over. This crash put him back in 19th. He immediately remounted and began to catch and pass riders again. Due to the heavy rain, the race was reduced to a mere 10 laps. In the few laps after his crash, Brayton was able to salvage some points by passing six riders moving him into 13th for the night. 


Supercross Lites Results:
1. Jason Lawrence
2. Thomas Hahn
3. Brett Metcalfe
4. Daniel Reardon
5. Austin Stroupe
6. Gavin Gracyk
7. Ryan Dungey
8. Chris Blose
9. Wil Hahn
10. Michael Blose
11. Robert Kiniry
12. Broc Hepler
13. Justin Brayton KTM
14. Michael Willard
15. Carlos Gonzalez KTM


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